Receivers' Sharing

Raymond's Rebalancing Bodywork Session


The following sharing were randomly arranged:

"I felt this is a session which the giver and the receiver sense the 'awareness' together."— Holly Huang, aromatherapist

"The imbalance left silently, and I returned to my original self."— Miss Kuo, freelancer

"I personally felt this session is very suitable to bodyworkers."— Susan Lin, Senior aromatherapist

"I sense some space was opened by the deep tissue massage on my lower back."— Kaya, aromatherapist

"I really appreciate the joy owing to feel connected my heart again through the occipital release."— Miss H, customer

"The pain of my lower back is gone!"—Mrs. K, customer

"When my sacral was adjust for 5 mins, I felt warm from my feet to my head."—Joan Lee, aromatherapist

"The therapeutic effect of this technique is no doubt."—Mavis Yang, aromatherapist

"I really felt the flowing when I was received sacral release."— Miss C, customer

"I was very relax. I feel really amazing when I was received cranial release, it's like the electric current flowing through."— Mr. A, customer

"I expect that someday you will become a thick bamboo forest."— Anja Tsai, Chiron healer